Scientific sales job interview tips

Performing well in an interview is vital to securing any sales job, especially scientific sales. Take a look at our top scientific sales job interview tips below!

Great interview performance is vital to securing any sales role. With scientific sales jobs, it’s imperative that you demonstrate you’re the right fit for the role and have confidence in your abilities to excel. 

Scientific sales is a great career path for those with a passion for science, but also enjoy a person-centric and varied job role! Whether it’s in pharmaceutical, or medical device sales, it’s imperative that you take time to prepare for your sales job interview. 

If you’re interviewing for scientific sales jobs, then you’ve come to the right place! Take a look at our top tips for a successful sales interview: 

Research the company

You must show that you have a good understanding of the company, and you’re keen to be a part of it. To do this, make sure you research the company well prior to the interview, taking special care in knowing their product/services, as well as their main competitors. It’s also a good idea to take a look at their social media, such as LinkedIn, to get a further understanding of their business.  

Find out the company culture as best as you can. As well as researching the company values and mission statements, you can also assess the type of content they post, the events they attend etc. If you can gauge the company culture, the highest chance you have of convincing the interviewer that you’re a good fit. 

Develop a thorough understanding of the role 

Make sure you utilize the job description in the most effective way possible. If you have a thorough understanding of the job requirements, you can tailor your interview answers to best fit the role. To give an example, if the job description includes ‘responsibility to build relationships,’ then you can showcase your communicational abilities, confidence, and friendly personality. 

Common scientific sales job interview questions

Make sure you prepare solid answers to common scientific sales job interview questions and make sure you practice answering these questions utilizing the STAR method. Take a look at some common sales interview questions below: 

What attracts you to the industry? 

What makes you think you’d do well in the job? 

What motivates you? 

What can you bring to the company? 

Why do you want to work for this company? 

Behavioural questions:

Tell me about a time you dealt with a hostile experience in the workplace.

Tell me about a time you dealt with an objection. 

Tell me when you dealt with rejection, how did you overcome this? 


Make a list of questions

When preparing for your sales job interview, make sure that you think of a few questions for your interviewer. Remember, you need to assess whether this company truly is a great fit for you or not, so make sure you use this time productively and ask questions that you’re genuinely curious about. Take a look at our list of top sales questions for your employee below: 

What does a typical day look like? 

What does the training look like for new employees?

Do you use cold calling?

What is the typical sales cycle?

What distinguishes a good employee, from a great employee?

How do you measure success?

What does the sales process look like here? 

What is the quota for this position? 

Demonstrate your proven track record

If you’re coming from a previous sales background, it’s imperative that focus on your previous achievements. Knowing your numbers and showcasing quantifiable results is an excellent way to showcase your ability and show that you’re a desirable candidate Think of the following: How often did you exceed your target? By what percentage? Did you receive any awards etc?

If you are interviewing for an entry-level or graduate job and don’t currently have sales experience, you can relate similar successes in previous experience, placing extra focus on sales qualities, i.e. objection handling, communicational skills, persuasion, rejection etc. 

Showcase your skills 

Motivated, driven, ambitious, resilient and competitive. These are all highly desirable characteristics that most employers will be looking for in a candidate that’s interviewing for a scientific sales job. Make sure you highlight and demonstrate these skills where possible, to best showcase yourself as the right candidate. 

Again, remember to use the job description as a guide to incorporate further desirable qualities that the employer is looking for. 

Make a great first impression 

When it comes to the actual interview, remember that first impressions count! Interviews are undoubtedly nerve-wracking experiences but try to show your confidence as best as possible. The way you carry yourself, your eye contact, and your handshake, all play an important role in the way you come across. 

Whether it’s in Business Development, Account Management or a Sales Representative role, a career in sales primarily revolves around creating and/or maintaining relationships with new people, so make sure you show your ability to do so within your interview. Remember to smile, speak with clarity, and have a friendly attitude. If you can, make a friendly conversation and find common ground to better connect to the interviewer if possible. 

If you need further guidance on how to ace your interview, take a look here

Are you looking for a career or a new job in scientific or medical sales? Take a look at our Scientific Sales Jobs, or get in touch with our recruitment team. 

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