Why Choose a Career in Medical Device Sales

As a thriving market, the medical device industry is expected to reach $964.90 billion globally by 2030. New medical device technologies are advancing every day; from revolutionary cardiovascular equipment, wearables and surgical robotics to name a few!

This continuous advancement in medical device technology has created a wave of opportunities, with medical device sales jobs now seen as a hot career choice for many looking to pursue a successful career in a growing industry. Given its popularity, it begs the question, “why exactly is it so popular?”

Boasting healthy salaries and benefits packages, flexibility and the opportunity to travel, medical device sales jobs can provide rewarding, varied and exciting career choices. If you’re ambitious, money driven and enjoy working with people, then a career in medical device sales might just be for you!

We’ve answered some top queries regarding medical device sales, including the main advantages of the role and the ideal candidate attributes. Take a look below:

What does a medical device sales rep do?

In order to provide the best possible treatments, our healthcare system requires an extensive range of medical devices; from capital equipment and machinery, to consumable devices such as cardiovascular stents and guidewires. To provide the right solutions to the right healthcare professionals, healthcare manufacturing companies need a dedicated team of medical device sales representatives for the job.

Whether you’re working for the manufacturer or a distributor, the med device sales reps are responsible for selling medical equipment to healthcare facilities, including hospitals and clinics.

What are the advantages of working in a medical device sales job?

So why is this career choice so popular? We’ve pinpointed 5 main advantages to choosing a career in medical device sales:

Rewarding career option

A career in sales can be a rewarding job for many, however, in particular selling important and potentially lifesaving equipment that will improve patient outcomes can add additional fulfillment to the job role.

An expert in a continuously evolving sector

Attracted to an ever evolving industry? Given the continuous advancements in science and technology, launching new and improved medical devices will be a constant in your career. Showcasing the latest and greatest medical devices means you’ll be continuously expanding your knowledge by learning new products and their technologies.

The forefront of innovation

If you have a passion for all things technology, but would also enjoy a more social and varied career option, working in a medical device sales team can offer a more stimulating job choice, whilst still at the forefront of innovative technology! You’ll be one of the first exposed to cutting edge technologies, which you’ll then get to discuss with medical experts and other highly regarded professionals in the field.

Varied and flexible

A career in medical device sales will mean that you can work to your own schedule, and you won’t be tied to your desk. Every day will be different, whether you’re traveling to see clients within your territory, or prospecting whilst working from home, you’ll experience a varied day-to-day structure and have the freedom to plan your own time.

Earning potential and additional benefits  

With the incentive to sell, comes commission! Medical device sales jobs will reward your hard work with a healthy commission structure and bonuses, along with the possibility of additional benefits such as a company car or an allowance, private healthcare benefits and more.

The ideal medical device sales rep candidate

So you like the idea of the job, but what attributes do you actually need to help you in a medical device sales role? We’ve identified some desirable qualities below:

Are you competitive and target driven?

All available jobs will primarily involve working towards monthly, quarterly or yearly targets. If you like to work towards a goal and are target driven, you’d fit nicely into a job in sales.

Are you ambitious and eager to make money?

These qualities are highly desirable attributes that can help with creating a successful career for yourself; being an ambitious individual will help you with career growth, along with reaching your highest earning potential!

Are you interested in the industry?

Although being a good sales person doesn’t require an undying love for the products you are selling, a career in medical device sales can be particularly rewarding if you have an interest in healthcare and technology, and are happy to keep up with current industry trends and technologies.

Do you have good communicational skills?

Providing that you have good communication skills and have the ability to actively listen to potential buyers, you definitely possess the right qualities for the job. If you are happy to chat to new clients, develop existing relationships and can work collaboratively, then you’re good to go!

Does a career in medical device sales appeal to you? Whether you have previous experience or are looking for entry level job, take a look at our a range of available medical device sales jobs.

If you have any further queries, don’t forget that you get in touch with our recruitment team!

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