Agrochemical Industry Overview

The agrochemical industry comprises of a diverse range or companies and organisations working together to accelerate productivity in farming practices. This industry is set to be one of the biggest growth areas in the scientific sector on a global scale. The UN estimates that by 2030 the world will need 30% more fresh water and 50% more energy and by 2050 we will need 70% more food to sustain the population.

Agrochemicals included chemical products such as; fertilisers, pesticides, biopesticides, hormones and chemical growth agents. They can be used to modify the growth processes of plants, protect crops, improve crop yields and maintain food and soil quality. The use of agrochemicals help farmers in meeting the food demand for an ever increasing global population by increasing yield rates.

Regulations surrounding the agrochemical industry have never been more stringent and including regulations to protect not only human health but to protect the environment. As such a number of unique studies have been developed to investigate the impact of these chemicals on the environment in addition to human health.

As Scientists we need to focus on accelerating productivity as well as finding a way to effectively respond and overcome changes in climate using the limited natural resources and new technology.

Why Choose a Career in the Agrochemical Industry?

For anyone interested in agriculture, regulatory compliance or developing new products to support the agricultural industry provide food, fresh water and energy for an ever-expanding population, this is the ideal industry for you.

Careers in this industry cover such a variety of disciplines; from initial conception and formulation, toxicity and ecotoxicity testing right through to production of a full safety assessment and regulatory submission in order to launch the product onto the market.

Careers in the agrochemical industry are very diverse due to the regulatory requirements in the sector. There are a wide range of disciples to consider when pursuing a career in this sector and this greatly depends on your qualifications and work experiences. 

Disciplines in Agrochemical

  • Agrochemical-Research and Development
  • Study Direction and Management
  • Agrochemical Formulation
  • Study Coordination
  • Agrochemical Production
  • Project Management
  • Business Development
  • Agrochemical Quality Control
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