Thinking about switching from laboratories to sales work?

Have you thought about entering a sales or commercial role? If your history and experience currently stands at laboratory expertise, then a sales role could be the perfect next step for you! 

As exciting and challenging as working in a laboratory can be, do you think it’s time for a change of environment? In which case, we are here to help! 

There are many benefits to moving from a hands-on laboratory job to a more commercial role and below are a few that we think are the most important when considering this change.

Transferable knowledge

Working in a lab develops your unique understanding of the industry and target customers. This is incredibly valuable knowledge that can lead to success in a sales job. 

If you want to leave the bench behind but continue to work within the scientific industry, a more commercial role could be a great fit. You can still continue to put all your experience and knowledge to use. 

Scientific sales jobs are great for providing opportunities to utilise and develop your technical expertise but in a target-driven environment. Which makes for a more rewarding role.

Technical understanding

People that have worked in laboratories before, typically develop a high understanding of operational procedures and quality management systems. With this understanding you can get to know your target sales audience on a deeper level. 

Successful sales and commercial roles depend largely down on understanding your customer's problems and having the right knowledge to offer solutions. Whether it's a product or service you recommend, who better to do this than someone who has done the job before!


Scientific sales roles almost always come with commission schemes. This is in addition to attractive basic salaries and a typical company bonus, so your earnings are directly related to your success in the job. 

As much as we may hide it, money is a great motivator for hard work. Some people will find the rewards available in sales and commercial roles much more motivating than just working for a basic salary.  

Career growth 

Sales experience is the commercial starting point for a variety of more senior roles within the scientific industry. Laboratory experience is sought after in scientific sales roles, so the possibilities are endless. 

The accumulation of laboratory colleagues and industry contacts gained through working in a laboratory environment can also be incredibly useful when it comes to building the networks which underpin commercial success.


Your workplace, the team and your own personality call all affect how your flourish at work. 

Commercial roles are often more suited to confident extroverts, who may feel stifled within the laboratory environment. Passion for science is usually a common factor in scientific sales teams and being yourself is just an advantageous sales tactic you can use. 

A commercial or scientific sales role involves being social, networking, calling and engaging with some truly fascinating people working on some incredibly innovative projects. 

The nature of the role is usually very varied, meaning that no two days are the same. 

From field-based roles, scientific telemarketing, innovative project management and more! Interested? 

Why not take a look at some of our Scientific Sales Jobs.

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