Hot medical devices candidate looking for innovative role!

Network Scientific is a scientific recruitment agency that specialises in providing highly skilled candidates to the medical devices and healthcare industry among many other scientific sectors.  

The UK medical devices industry is experiencing rapid growth, with candidates currently at a premium! 

We have an abundance of exceptional medical devices candidates that have a broad range of expertise in their retrospective industry, as well as having scientific backgrounds and education. With so many clients looking to fill their medical devices jobs and roles, here's our sneak peek at our latest HOT candidate. 

Our expansive candidate list is at the core of us finding a role that really suits each individual candidate's needs and goals. As and when vacancies are provided to us by clients, we take the time to examine the requirements, benefits, future prospects and overall suitability of the role for a candidate before we determine if it's the right fit. 

Not only this but we know precisely when someone is a hot candidate; if your skills are in demand, if you have a vast amount of experience, if you have some show-stopping evidence of skills, and more! We are always delighted to be representing candidates of the very top tier! 

For all the hot candidates we are currently representing looking for a role in the medical devices industry, feel free to contact our Recruitment team. 

Teaser: Senior Sales Professional in the Medical Devices sector!


We are currently working with a highly driven, successful sales professional who has a strong work ethic and desire for self-development. The candidate continuously strives to find new and innovative ways of working which has seen remarkable progress within their career. 

They have experience driving business through building and developing effective relationships and establishing joint working partnerships between NHS and industry. They have a proven track record of growth, increasing business by 44% in 2020/2021 vs the previous year, 2019/2020. As well as being currently on track to grow to 50% in 2021/2022 vs 2020/2021. Resulting in the candidate taking the market share of their employer up to 4.2% from 1.8%. 

The candidate has a very strong background in Urology and Endourology, as well as experience with managing a team. Having grown a team from 5 to 8 in a 2-year period. 

This medical device candidate is open to finding roles within a forward-thinking, innovative organisation, where they can utilise their industry experience. 

If you are looking for anyone to drive your national strategy or market access within new innovation, then please do feel free to get in contact with Graham Fish to discuss this candidate's potential in your business. 

If this candidate isn't right for your vacancies or business, don't hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss our other flaming hot candidates looking for roles in a range of industries, including medical devices jobs!

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