Technology Industry Overview

The technology industry comprises a diverse range of companies and organisations and is arguably the cornerstone of today’s modern society. The industry covers numerous sectors including computing, electronics, telecommunications, aerospace and many others.

While technology companies are often established business entities, start-ups are also commonplace in this sector. High-tech start-up enterprises are often fuelled by venture capital and a viewed as being potentially high-gain ‘glamour’ investments. Technology undoubtedly has the appeal of ‘cool’ and it’s not unknown for those who are particularly successful in the field to attain celebrity status.

Why Choose a Career in Technology?

For anyone who considers themselves to be a ‘blue sky thinker’, technology should be a highly appealing industry to work within. It is driven by and embraces innovation so is the perfect playground for new ideas in areas such as nanotech, robotics, medical devices and artificial intelligence.

Technology also offers promising career opportunities to the money-motivated. According to the third annual Tech Nation report, the technology sector is a major contributor to the UK economy growing at twice the rate of the wider economy with the average digital industry salary at 44% above the national average for other sectors. Careers in technology are very diverse due to the rapid evolution of the sector. 

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