Food and Beverage

Food and Beverage Industry

In this modern day, the complexity of maintaining the production-to-consumption food system is incomprehensible; populations are growing, the environment is unstable, our food diversity is reducing and food sources are dwindling. Often, these issues are also exacerbated by the requirement to keep food stuffs abundant, safer for longer, tasty, nutritious, convenient, low cost and readily accessible.

In order to deliver this vastly complex food system, there are demands in every area of the food supply chain, including agricultural production and harvesting, raw material storage, all areas of food manufacturing, including formulation, testing, processing and packaging, distribution and also retailing.

Don’t be fooled; there is as much research and development in the Food and Beverage field as there is in any mainstream scientific sector! For the first time ever, 2016 saw the UK Food and Drinks Industry grow to a massive Global revenue of over £20 billion!

Why choose a career in the Food & Beverage Sector?

With the increase demands faced by this sector, there has been a massive resurgence in new technologies and better processes across the industry over the past 2 decades. There are many disciplines within this sector that are constantly evolving, in order to enable:

  • Food quality to be maintained and improved and food safety to be enhanced
  • Fragile nutrients to be preserved
  • Additional vitamins and minerals to be introduced
  • Harmful toxins and antinutrients to be removed
  • Foods to be designed to optimize health and reduce the risk of disease
  • Waste reduction
  • Improved, more stable distribution
  • Improved food manufacturing processes
  • Methods of improving the quality of life of individuals with specific health conditions (reducing sugars, salts, dangerous fats)
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