Engineering Recruitment

Engineering Overview

Engineering is the application of maths, science and economics in order to innovate, invent, design, build, maintain and research. It spans a myriad of sectors such as Aerospace, Commercial, Civil, IT, Construction, Chemical, Architectural and dozens of others. Some of the largest and most profitable global companies thrive on engineering excellence. Indeed, the vast majority of all successful businesses employee qualified engineers on some level. Engineering is responsible for some of the most important advancements in civilisation as we recognise it today.

Why choose a career in Engineering?

For those passionate about innovation, research and development, Engineering is rightly regarded as the career of choice. Across the market very few qualifications can open as many open doors as this subject, and the combination of the diversity of roles on offer, as well as the average qualified salary level, equates to a very attractive proposition.

Progression within the industry is also a relatively straight forward proposition if your skillset can be tailored across multiple sectors of the market, allowing for greater potential for job satisfaction.

To discuss your potential career options in Engineering with one of our specialist team, please contact us!

Disciplines in Engineering Recruitment

  • Research and Development
  • Civil/Structural Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Software Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Automotive Engineering
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Equipment Service Engineering
  • Validation Engineering
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