Energy Industry Overview

The energy industry consists of the companies and organisations which are concerned with the production and sale of energy. Traditionally these companies would have been involved in extracting, refining or manufacturing fuel, but with global energy demand rapidly increasing whilst reserves of fossil fuels dwindle, the sector has become a lot more diverse.

In today’s world the energy sector includes; oil and gas extraction and transportation companies, electrical power generation companies, the nuclear power industry, and the rapidly growing renewables sector. The entire energy sector is governed by various regulatory frameworks that control the operation and impact of business entities within the industry, these include; Ofgem in the UK, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in the US and the Council of European Energy Regulators in Europe.

 Why Choose a Career in Energy?

The production, transportation and use of energy is fundamental to the operation of today’s society and the breadth of opportunity in the energy sector reflects this. The Energy Information Administration’s International Energy Outlook projects a 48% growth in worldwide energy consumption by 2040 and the industry will need to expand and innovate in order to support this. Alternative and renewable energy is a hotbed of innovation. Even the oil and gas sector, often perceived as being struggling, is replete with employment opportunities with gas alone projected to receive over $800 billion of new investment by 2040.

The UK has a very healthy energy sector with roles in oil and gas, renewables and nuclear. EDF’s new Hinkley Point C power station alone is expected to create 25,000 new employment opportunities.

Careers in the energy industry are very diverse with roles across extraction, transportation, generation and regulatory functions to name just a few. 

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