UK Biopharmaceutical Sector Statistics 2018

Here are the main 2018 stats of the UK Biopharmaceutical Sector. There is a pretty infographic at the bottom of the page if you would prefer to read the statistics there instead!

What is the Biopharmaceutical Sector?

Businesses involved in developing and/or producing their own pharmaceutical products, from small R&D-focused biotechs to multinational Big Pharma. Includes supply chain and specialist service sector.

In 2018, the UK Biopharmaceutical sector consists of;

  • 2,153 Businesses
  • 118,000 Employees
  • £50bn Turnover

Of these figures, the Core Biopharma makes up for;

  • 703 Businesses
  • 63,000 Employees
  • £33.4bn Turnover

and the Service and Supply Chain consists of;

  • 1,450 businesses
  • 57,700 Employees
  • £16.4bn Turnover

The Largest Segments by Employment in each sector are;

Core Biopharma

  • Small Molecule Therapeutics
  • Vaccines
  • Antibodies
  • Therapeutic Proteins

Service and Supply Chain

  • Contract Manufacturing 
  • Research, Reagent and Equipment Suppliers
  • Clinical Research Organisation

Further Sector Characteristics...

36% of life science industry businesses

49% of life science industry employment

67% of life science industry turnover

Of sector employment 92% are made up of large companies and 8% SMEs and of sector turnover 97% are made up of large companies and 3% SMEs.

Year-on-Year Growth - 2017 to 2018

Overall the Biopharma sector showed a decrease of 1000 people in employment, while turnover increased by £1.8bn and created 83 new businesses.

To view the infographic click here.

To view all of the roles we currently have available within the Biopharmaceutical sector click here.

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