The Importance of LinkedIn

As of September 2018, as many as 562 million people are using LinkedIn. Here at Network Scientific we all use LinkedIn on a daily basis and understand how vital having a LinkedIn account is. If you are looking for a job or are wanting to connect with others in your industry, LinkedIn is the platform to use.

If you are the product then LinkedIn is your online shop window. With this in mind it’s vital your profile is well put together.  Having a profile on LinkedIn makes potential employers and recruiters aware of you and your current career status as well as your professional skills and career history. Making sure that the information on your page is up to date and relevant enables recruiters to understand the value that you can deliver to their client companies.

First impressions count, especially on a social media platform such as LinkedIn. As LinkedIn is a professional, career building platform, it is important to always be professional and polished, promoting yourself in a manner which will benefit your career. It is very important to make sure that your information is correct and free from grammatical errors and spelling mistakes!

LinkedIn is essential for keeping up to date with new opportunities and industry news. You can also use LinkedIn to find jobs within your industry as well as apply for them directly on the company’s page. LinkedIn can be a one stop shop when trying to find a suitable role.

Here are some of the reasons that we like LinkedIn:

“LinkedIn is not just a beneficial tool to see where a potential candidate is working right now, but to also see the journey of their career thus far.”

“It is the industry standard professional networking tool. Particularly when you are looking for a new role it's an expectation that you will have an up-to-date and competently built LinkedIn profile.”

“LinkedIn is your online shop-window.”

“It showcases individuals and company achievements and announcements. It is the real time business platform.”

“LinkedIn is important for many reasons. It was originally set up as a recruitment tool. I find it useful to put a face to a name. Also, to keep up with industry news as well as career stories.”

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