The Benefits of Moving from a Laboratory to a More Commercial Role

Are you currently working in a lab and thinking that it’s time for a change of environment? We are here to help! There are many benefits to moving from a laboratory to a more commercial role and below are a few that we think are the most important when considering this change.

Transferable knowledge

Commercial roles are great for people who want to apply their scientific knowledge in a target driven environment. After having worked in a lab, you will have developed unique knowledge of the industry that is valuable in a variety of places in the ‘real world’. If you want to leave the lab behind but continue to work in science, why not consider a more commercial role, where you can put this knowledge to use?

Technical understanding

People that have worked in labs previously have usually developed a high understanding of Quality Management Systems, this knowledge is highly valued  and can be applied to a range of commercial positions.


Sales roles come with commission schemes in addition to an attractive basic salary so your earnings are related to your success in the role. Some people find this much more motivating than just working for a basic salary.

Starting point

With the knowledge obtained in the lab, gaining sales experience is the commercial starting point for a variety of more senior roles such as Product Management and Marketing within your industry. The network of colleagues and industry contacts you have gained through your time in lab environments are also useful when it comes to building the networks which underpin commercial success.


Commercial roles are often more suited to confident extroverts, people who are not necessarily well suited to the lab environment, regardless of their passion for science.

A commercial job gives you a chance to get out-and-about, utilising your social and networking skills and engaging with some truly fascinating people. Sales and commercial roles are usually very varied, meaning that no two days are the same and field-based roles allow you to decide your place of work depending on the priorities of your territory.

Interested? Why not take a look at some of our current commercial opportunities...

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