Strange and Unusual Job Titles

Have you ever felt that your job title does not exactly reflect what you actually do? Feeling bored of your current role and want to try something a little bit different?

Most job titles are quite straightforward, and we all have a pretty good idea of what a banker or a sales executive does, but strange job titles are becoming more and more common and we have selected a few to show you.

Professional Sleeper

Yes, you can earn a living by sleeping. This job title has been used in a hotel where the “professional sleeper” tests the comfort of beds by sleeping in a different bed of the hotel each night and then writes a review on their satisfaction.

Chick Sexer

Although this job title sounds like a joke it is actually real and the job description is that the person “determines the gender of baby chickens”.

Drying Paint Watcher

Yes, this does exist. Someone in the UK actually earns a living by spending their days painting sheets of cardboard to test how long new paint mixes take to dry and watching for any changes in colour and texture.

Tug Master

Whatever you are thinking this means, it’s not. The job description states that the person is “responsible for safe operations of a tug vessel”.

Customer Happiness Hero

This job title was created to attract millennials and is basically a customer service role.


At first glance we have no idea what the job description would be, but a chemometrician is a scientist or statistician specialised in chemometrics, which is the use of mathematical statistics in the design of experiments and the evaluation of resulting data.

Digital Prophet

No, a digital prophet does not present digital commandments. This position is focused on seeking out new business opportunities for tech companies, so basically a business development manager in technology.

Professional Mourner – Someone who you can hire to cry at your funeral. Yes, they really exist we checked. There’s even a website offering ‘rent-a-mourner’ services.

Pet Food Taster – Mmmmm

Sandwich Artist – Thank you Subway!

… and our personal favourite; Chief Chatter – Which in real world speak is a Call Centre Manager.

Heard any other strange, unusual or just downright crazy job titles we’ve not mentioned? We’d love to hear about it!

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