The Science of Hangovers!

Be it Christmas work meals or New Year Eve parties, it’s that time of year where more than one person will wake up with a terrible hangover after one too many the night before! We thought that we would do some research into hangovers and ways to prevent and possibly cure them, all science based of course, to help you through this Christmas season!

Ways to avoid a hangover:


We know that its not really new advice, however one of the main ways to avoid a hangover is to not drink too much the night before! Drinking in moderation and pacing yourself is a sure fire way to wake up feeling more refreshed.

Drink less congeners

Congeners are chemical by-products formed in small amounts during the ethanol (alcohol) fermentation process. Some studies have found that congeners can increase the severity of a hangover, therefore, by choosing drinks that are low in congeners, such as Vodka or Gin, you stand more of a chance of avoiding a hangover.

Keep Hydrated

Alcohol in general, is a diuretic, it increases the amount of urine your body produces, this means that you are more than likely to get dehydrated due to loss of fluids and electrolytes. Drinking water alongside alcohol can decrease your chances of getting dehydrated along with increasing your chances of feeling better the next morning.

Suggested hangovers cures:

A Good Breakfast

Taking the time to eat a good breakfast after a night of drinking (although you may not always feel like it!) can help maintain your sugar levels as well as providing you with vitamins and minerals that could help you with your hangover. Eggs, honey and bananas are examples of foods that can aid the symptoms of a hangover. Low levels of potassium after a night of drinking are quite common, bananas are a great for replenishing these stores and reducing some of your hangover symptoms. Honey can give you that little spike of energy in the form of a sugar rush which can get you on your feet and moving. Eggs contain the amino acid  cysteine which breaks down acetaldehyde (an alcohol by-product), again reducing some of the severity of your hangover.

Sleep as much as you can!

Drinking lots of alcohol the evening before has been shown to lead to an interrupted sleep. The more sleep that you can get after said evening could lessen hangover symptoms such as fatigue, irritability and headaches when you wake up the morning (or afternoon!) after.

Stay Hydrated

As well as making sure to drink plenty of water the night before, it is also key to make sure that you drink lots the next morning. Staying hydrated is really important, especially if you have lost more fluids due to being sick, as it is one of the main contributors to hangover symptoms like fatigue, headaches and dizziness.

However you intend to spend the holiday season, everyone at Network Scientific would like to wish you a happy and peaceful Christmas and New Year. 

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