​New Brand and Website Launch

Here at Network Scientific, we are passionate about continuous improvement and enhancing your experience of us. Therefore, we are delighted to share our brand new shiny website and brand identity with you. The website investment was necessary to ensure that we continue to offer the best candidate support platform on the market, in return, we are able to source the best quality talent to support the growth of our client’s business’.

More Content

We have introduced significantly more content for our visitors. Our industry expertise pages include details of career choices, in addition to industry facts and figures and relevant disciplines within each field. Our blog now includes articles on careers and job hunting advice, recruiting advice for employers, industry and company news updates… and the occasional ‘just for fun’ science post. Last, but certainly not least, we have introduced a candidate case-study section to the site. This is where we provide real-world careers information gathered from our candidates about what their day-to-day jobs involve, the pros and cons and other relevant information about their specific career choices... straight from the horses mouth! 

Please note; if you would like to contribute to our candidate case-study section of the website, please complete the survey here. You could win £20 in Amazon vouchers!

Mobile Responsive

Our previous website left a lot to be desired when it came to mobile viewing. We made particular efforts to ensure our new mobile site is as user friendly as possible. You can search our science jobs with ease on mobiles and tablet devices and can browse the site frustration-free.

Better Job Search Facilities

We have implemented an incredibly powerful search facility on our new site. The introduction of additional categories and filtering options enables easy identification of relevant opportunities without having to wade through pages of irrelevant opportunities.

User Friendly

Over the last few years, Network Scientific has evolved to offer a variety of recruitment services, aimed at a variety of sectors. Our new website allows us to present these services in an easy to navigate, comprehensive way, allowing our visitors to find exactly what it is they are looking for in the quickest time possible.

Fresh Design

… because, let’s face it… it’s always nice to look at pretty things!

Don’t just take our word for it… pour yourself a cuppa and have a browse through!

As part of our continuous improvement activities, if you have any comments or improvement suggestions for us, please do let us know.


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