Advantages of Hiring Temporary Staff

The scientific and laboratory sector is a highly dynamic industry and business needs can change from day-to-day. Changes in legislation and the introduction of new technology to an organisation can require the immediate injection of new skills and experience to departments.

Seasonal peaks in demand, market changes and numerous other factors can all see immediate short-term staffing requirements arise.

Benefits of hiring laboratory agency workers include;

A chance of hiring permanently

Recruiting a temporary worker gives you the ideal opportunity to ‘try before you buy’ without providing any upfront commitment. For example, 3 month temp-to-perm options are becoming increasingly popular with our clients. If you have a particularly business critical position that requires that extra something, you can always take a candidate on a temporary basis with the promise of a permanent position at the end should that candidate achieve success within the position.

Candidates taken on in this way then must prove themselves, actually on-the-job, for the chance to secure a permanent opportunity within the organisation.

Things Happen

As with any market, the scientific industry is not immune to general HR woes. Sickness, parental leave, sabbatical requests, or any other circumstance requiring a valuable member of staff to be out of the business for extended, and often unknown, periods of time can all warrant temporary cover to ensure smooth running of departments. Access to an agency with candidates available and willing to take on these appointments can save significant headaches when these situations arise.

Minimal Training Required

Temporary workers are no strangers to fast-paced working environments. They are used to entering businesses in times of crisis and peak workloads, therefore they are accustomed to minimal training and the necessity to ‘hit-the-ground-running’ quickly.


If your financial forecast doesn’t warrant a permanent member of staff just yet but the requirement is there for additional resource, hiring temporary workers on rolling-contracts can be the perfect way to increase capacity without committing to the permanent increased wage cost.

Business Flexibility

It is common in our industry for businesses to rely heavily on project work. Contract laboratories in particular are subject to ebbs and flows in customer demand. Temporary Scientists, Lab staff and other workers allow you to scale up or down to match workload as the business requires.

Other businesses are subject to seasonal workload peaks and troughs, for example the pharmaceutical industry. We have to keep those shelves stocked with paracetamol and decongestants at winter-time! Temporary employees can be used during these times and then contracts ended when workload returns to normal levels.

Networking and Business Intelligence

Agency workers have generally worked with numerous organisations. They usually come with extensive knowledge of other business procedures, For example; what works, what doesn’t, the best analytical methods, etc. In addition, they can bring a wealth of networks and industry contacts; who in the industry may require your products or services, what suppliers have the best reputation, etc.

How can Network Scientific Help with your Temporary Staffing Requirements?

Network Scientific have access to a wide range of candidates with varied levels of experience across multiple industry sectors. Whether you need a couple of graduate Lab Technicians to support your Analysts for a week or two or need a highly experienced Project Manager to assist your business through a period of particularly high work-load for 6 – 12 months, we are experienced and connected enough to deliver within agreed deadlines. We endeavour where possible, to provide candidates for consideration within 24 hours of the request.

In addition, we are a member of the REC which means we provide the highest levels of compliance with all legislative requirements. We can assist you in all areas of worker management including adherence to the AWR (agency workers regulations 2010) put in place to ensure fair and equal treatment of all agency staff.

For further information or to discuss our temporary staffing services further, please contact Zara Jackson on 01423 813520.

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