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Body Language Tips for Your Next Interview

Smile and make eye contact - Hold the person’s attention and present a pleasant personality. Your smile is what will make your audience engaged in the discussion and comfortable in the interaction. By keeping eye contact you show you’re not intimidated and that you are taking everything in.  But, make sure you do not lock eyes with the interviewer as this can come across aggressive, if not a little creepy!

Match their body language - Mirroring a nod or a subtle shift in posture can show empathy and help establish rapport.  When it comes to handshakes, make sure your hands are dry and be firm and confident.  However, be careful as an iron grip can imply arrogance.

Be aware of your hands – The best thing to do with your hands is place them loosely on your lap.  Avoid touching your face, hair or neck as it shows anxiety.  You can also use natural gesticulation to express what you are saying – but be careful not to swing them around too much!

Walk confidently – You will be judged on your behaviour from the word go, so it is important you look as professional as possible from the outset.

Be enthusiastic – Enthusiasm will show your eagerness for the role – smile, nod, make positive gestures and keep an interested expression.

That said try not to overthink your body language, as if it doesn’t feel natural chances is it probably won’t look natural.


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